Dutch Uncles - Dutch Uncles

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Produktnummer: TR134-Vinyl
1. Jetson
2. Takeover
3. Feargoo
4. Steadycam
5. Twelfth
6. Loved Rat
7. Face In
8. I Owe Someone For Everything
9. Wild St.
10. Doppelgänger
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Produktinformationen "Dutch Uncles - Dutch Uncles"

Sub 20 years olds, pulling funny faces, wearing checked shirts, and playing tighter than the drainpipe jeans they’re in - this are the Dutch Uncles.
And this is their debut album, recorded in Hamburg and London and with a beautiful artwork by Jan Kruse (Human Empire).
Available as CD Digipack and LP (with a black background).

"Wow. Scarily young upstarts with a clutch of brilliant songs" NME
"These ten songs are just the start. Dutch Uncles are only opening their wings." JOHN KENNEDY (XFM)

Release date: 31.10.2008

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl