Dunkelziffer - Songs For Everyone

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Erscheinungsdatum: 19.11.2021
1. Songs For Everyone
2. See it
3. Illuminate
4. Friends
5. Spell it
6. Inside
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Produktinformationen "Dunkelziffer - Songs For Everyone"

After Bureau B started its Dunkelziffer retrospective with the albums "Colors And Soul" and "In The Night", we are excited to make the band's last studio album "Songs For Everyone", which was released in 1989, finally available again. Displaced from their spiritual home (the Stollwerck complex had been levelled in 1987) and robbed of the collaborative exchange it facilitated, Dunkelziffer took a different tack on ‘Songs For Everyone’, slimming down to a sextet with a newly streamlined sound. Olek Gelba and Reiner Linke remained in the percussive pocket, laying the foundation for Von Senger and Schubert’s melodic prowess, with newcomers Jorge Guarin Quintaro and Irene Lorenz breathing fresh air into keys and vocals respectively. The reduced line-up may have diminished the chaotic brilliance of their earlier work, but the sparing palette allowed room for each member to shine brighter than ever before. Most notably, Dominik Von Senger, often restricted to rhythm guitar in the past, populated the newfound space with a bounty of rhapsodic solos. Stylistically, the Jamaican riddims, gnarly new wave and Eastern tonality of previous albums were supplanted by the smoothest jazz imbued with Latin flavours and a Mediterranean mindset.

Release Date: November 26, 2021

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