Die Wilde Jagd – ophio

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Produktnummer: BB407-Vinyl
Erscheinungsdatum: 24.02.2023
1) Ein Anfang
2) Ophio
3) Perseveranz
4) Gnafna Nie
5) The Hearth (ft. Lihla)
6) In Wonnenhieben
7) Kelch
8) Ouroboros

Bonus 12":
1. Obus
2. The Hearth (Shelter Mix ft. Lihla)
3. In Wonnenhieben (Douce Mix ft. The Allegorist)
Produktinformationen "Die Wilde Jagd – ophio"
For eight years now, songwriter and producer Sebastian Lee Philipp has been steering his project Die Wilde Jagd through the field of tension between contemporary electronic music and avant-pop. Between 2015 and 2020, three studio albums were produced as documents of Philipp's rigorous musical creativity. Most recently, «Atem», a composition for Roadburn Festival, was released in 2022, documenting yet another, more experimental side of the project. On the new, eagerly awaited fourth album, all these multi-faceted worlds are brought together in an impressive way.

"ophio" is also available as a 2-LP version, including 3 bonus tracks, numbered, limited to 500 copies, gatefold sleeve.
First 150 orders get a free "Ophio" tote bag.