Die Welttraumforscher - Liederbuch

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Produktnummer: BB420-Vinyl
Erscheinungsdatum: 19.08.2022

1. Liederbuch (Einklang)
2. Traum der Welt
3. Sie kam zu Dir und malte blaue Blumen
4. Glücklich. Traurig. Seltsam
5. Goldene Barken
6. This Is Neil Armstrong
7. Kip Eulenmeister (Version)
8. Sweet Bird
9. Leguan Rätselmann
10. Nordhaus
11. Mitternacht
12. Das bist Du
13. Silkenwind
14. Quittenmarmelade
15. Fange die Welle
16. Gruss zum Mond
17. Liederbuch (Ausklang)

Produktinformationen "Die Welttraumforscher - Liederbuch"
When the Welttraumforscher (world dream explorer) started their journey on July 14, 1981, it was not foreseeable that it would last so long. For over 40 years now, Christian Pfluger from Zurich has been working with drawings, texts and songs on the idiosyncratic and fascinating universe of the imaginary trio. This has resulted in numerous cassettes, LP and CD releases. Most recently, a two-part retrospective was released in the spring of 2021 on Hamburg's Bureau B, giving an insight into the wonderfully rapturous dream world of the project, which despite the continuous work remains something of an insider tip to this day.

With their new collection "Liederbuch", which will be released in August, the Welttraumforscher are going on tour for the first time in many years. When the Welttraumforscher open their songbook, they are met, as in a pop-up book, by the fictional friends they have invented and sung to on their journey through 40 years: the captain to the soul Kip Eulenmeister (the owl master) and the crop circle researcher (iguana) Leguan Rätselmann, the insect twins Brtz and Brxl, the space travelers Lia and Mira from the Nordkristall (northern crystal), Ohm Olunde from the silent forests and the incredible dark pilots.

Release: August 19th, 2022

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Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl