Die Partei - Celaviemachinery

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Produktnummer: BB449-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 12.04.2024
A1. Süd-Nord-Fahrt
A2. Auf und Ab
A3. Die Drei
A4. Here Come The Warm Jets
A5. Domino
A6. Heisenberg

B1. Celaviemachinery
B2. Salz und Gold
B3. Nacht zum Tag
B4. Untitled Filmstill
B5. Autoselbstfahrer
B6. Heb mich auf
Produktinformationen "Die Partei - Celaviemachinery"
"La Freiheit des Geistes", a collaborative album by Tom Dokoupil and Walter Dahn under the moniker "Die Partei“, emerged in 1981 with a fusion of Kraut electronica and early NDW vibes. Fast forward 43 years, their latest release "Celaviemachinery" reflects a refreshed sound rooted in their artistic origins. With dreamy landscapes and nods to influential records, the album is not just a homage but a testament to compositional beauty, inviting listeners into hypnotic experiences across its twelve tracks, reaffirming Die Partei's enduring significance in contemporary electronic music.