Die Fische - Eine Nacht in Cairo

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Produktnummer: BB369-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 18.06.2021

1. Eine Nacht in Cairo 2. So verrückt
3. Lost Pilots
4. Beil Heim Bah
5. Im Sonnenschein
6. Cars 'n' Bikes
7. Eyes Grey As Heaven
8. The Fisherman
9. From Machine To Machine
10. Fire Of Love
11. Conversation Of Everyday-Lovers 12. Ein Freitag im März

Produktinformationen "Die Fische - Eine Nacht in Cairo"

Die Fische from Ratingen pressed their 1986 album "Eine Nacht in Cairo" in a small private edition. Long considered a forgotten treasure of the German post-punk underground, it has more recently been discovered all over again by new listeners as one or two cuts, such as Fire Of Love and Conversation Of Everyday-Lovers, have broken through the topsoil into the vast reaches of the internet. Nowadays, collectors over the world search for precious copies of the "Eine Nacht in Cairo" LP. Therefore, Bureau B are delighted to announce a reissue of this wonderfully rapturous album, somewhere between leftfield synth-pop and post-punk.

Release: 18. June 2021

Bureau B · Die Fische - Eine Nacht In Cairo (album preview)
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Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl