Comet Gain - The Misfit Jukebox

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Produktnummer: TR540-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.06.2023
01. The Weekend Dreams (Doble Vida Version)
02. Pinstriped Rebel
03. Never Die
04. When?!
05. My Time Tunnel
06. Herbert Huncke Part 3
07. Only Happy When I'm Sad
08. Even This Could Be Beautiful
09. This Line Has Been Drawn
10. Like A Sparrow
11. Your Just Lonely
12. Post USA
13. Goodbye Part One
14. The Fists In the Pocket (Demo)
15. No Spotlite On Sometimes
16. Skinny Wolves (Demo)
17. Letting Go
Produktinformationen "Comet Gain - The Misfit Jukebox"
Since 1992, the collective around David Christian has been stoically producing unique noise pop. Comet Gain are Comet Gain, a band in which the Swell Maps and the Undertones shake hands in the Wigan Casino. Admittedly, a skewed picture. But as with every outstanding band, one fails to describe the sound of Comet Gain. You just have to hear it.
When the Corona shit hit the fan in 2020, David Christian, who now lives in the beautiful south of France, had the leisure to dig through the considerable Comet Gain archive and presented the astonished Comet Gain community with new compilations of outtakes, demos, live recordings and simply forgotten and never released hits every Bandcamp Friday. "The Misfit Jukebox" is now a compilation of these compilations, the toppermost of the poppermost from a hitherto unseen or unheard part of the CG universe. First time on LP and CD.