Comet Gain – Fireraisers Forever!

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Produktnummer: TR397-Vinyl
Erscheinungsdatum: 17.07.2019
1. We're All Fucking Morons
2. The Girl With The Melted Mind And Her Fear Of The Open Door
3. Bad Nite At The Mustache
4. Society Of Inner Nothing
5. Victor Jara, Finally Found!
6. The Godfrey Brothers
7. Your Life On Your Knees
8. Mid 8Ts
9. The Institute Debased
10. Her 33rd Perfect Goodbye
11. Werewolf Jacket
12. I Can't Live Here Anymore
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Produktinformationen "Comet Gain – Fireraisers Forever!"

Recorded in a living room in North London with James Hoare (The Proper Ornaments/Ultimate Painting) with the help of Joseph Harvey-Whyte (Hanging Stars) pedal steeliest. Then turned into the record it is by drummer/producer M.J. Taylor who also produced our LP 'Realistes' – the closest cousin to this one ... songs about the evil greedy mirage of world religion, Victor Jara and those poets and teachers killed for believing in love and words, about the forgotten who are blamed for everything and can't rise up from their knees to fight back, about the high street Kali-Yuga, occult terrorists with low IQ but high ESP, about the Godfrey Brothers, about Lou Reed’s mourning dog on a road trip trying to bury his masters mullet somewhere in the desert, about those stuck in the glory days of their past myopic of the present and all the other usual losers and romantics we always bang on about – with added melody and stomp ... giving no real answers but pointing fingers and prodding you in the back ... in defiance of just staying silent and letting the morons win.

Available on CD and limited red LP (300 copies only), first 150 orders get a free Comet Gain lyric tote bag.

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Release date: October 11th, 2019

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl