Cluster - Qua

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Produktnummer: BB274-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 17.11.2017
1. Lerandis
2. So Ney
3. Flutful
4. Protrea
5. Zircusile
6. Xanesra
7. Na Ernel
8. Putoil
9. Malturi Sa
10. Diagon
11. Gissander
12. Ymstrob
13. Albtrec Com
14. Stenthin
15. Curvtum
16. Formalt
17. Imtrerion
Produktinformationen "Cluster - Qua"

Release: November 17th, 2017

Reissue. Originally released in 2009.

- The last studio album by the legendary krautronic duo (Dieter Moebius/Hans-Joachim Roedelius), recorded 2009 in Ohio by Tim Story

- "Seventeen miniature worlds, some icy, some warm, all infused with that Cluster elusiveness and unpredictability. Playful, dark, funny, human, Qua captures that deceptive Cluster heartbeat - unmistakably modern but utterly timeless."

Excerpt from the liner notes by the producer:

"My role, as I imagined it, was to emulate Conny Plank, the great Cluster producer and a hero I'd never had a chance to meet. An impossible burden of course, so I simply tried to make the recording process as invisible as possible, offer as many interesting sonic options as I could, and give Cluster the chance to be Cluster - to express that deep and unique dialog that only Moebi and Achim fully understand."

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl