Christian Kjellvander - Hold Your Love Still

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Produktnummer: TR550-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 03.11.2023
01. Western Hemisphere
02. Notes From The Drive Between Simat And Alcoi
03. Baleen
04. Terns Took Turn
05. Disgust For The Poor
06. On Wine And Jesus Christ
07. We Are Gathered
08. Dream 2066
Produktinformationen "Christian Kjellvander - Hold Your Love Still"
Naked but for a soft blanket of reverb, Christian Kjellvander’s tender voice invites us into his latest creation, the swooning ‘Hold Your Love Still’. His first solo album since 2020’s ‘About Love And Loving Again’ finds the Swedish troubadour in a reflective mood, exploring the difficulties of an honest life amid the entanglement of capitalism, and imploring us to nurture that faltering hope for a better tomorrow. Though he’s grappling with existential and environmental tensions, Kjellvander strides from stoicism to optimism, augmenting his trademark minor melancholy with soaring major compositions, each concise, precise and considered – a conscious turn towards song from the freeform expressions of recent collaborations. Rich in natural imagery, understated poetry and an infectious empathy, with meaning imbued in every line, this is the work of an accomplished songwriter at his most vital.