Christian Kjellvander - Asbestos Ricochet (vinyl)

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Erscheinungsdatum: 24.02.2017

01 Always with the Horses
02 The Zenith Sunset
03 The Trip
04 Bad Blood
05 Good Child
06 Oh Night
07 The Mariner
08 Two Souls

'Asbestos Ricochet is the long overdue live album I've been asked to do for many years.....But this time the circumstances felt right. The "Medborgarhuset" (the citizens house) is an institution in Stockholm. Built in the late 1930's, in the heart of the city,it's a wonderful example of a bridge between classicism and functionalism. The 900 capacity Music Hall has a beautiful resonance and is joyous to play in.

Our rehearsal space in Stockholm for the "A village" record and tour was located in the asbestos cladcatacombs underneath the house. So it's a dear place to us.

As of Jan 2017 the Music Hall will be closed, torn down and renovated to eventually be reopened as a library. I'm all for libraries... but there is nothing like a downtown open floor concert hall.

The recording was kept as simple as possible to keep the feel and vibe of four or five people on a stage in a room. No overdubs or cuts where made... its all in the wrist.'

Christian Kjellvander

Produktinformationen "Christian Kjellvander - Asbestos Ricochet (vinyl)"

Live album, LP+CD, limited to 500 copies.

Release: February 24th, 2017

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: Vinyl (incl. CD)