Camera - Phantom of Liberty

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Produktnummer: BB 235-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 05.08.2016
1. Affenfaust
2. Fröhlichkeit
3. Festus
4. Nevernine
5. Ildefons
6. Reindenken / Raus
7. Tjamahal
8. Tribal Mango
Produktinformationen "Camera - Phantom of Liberty"

Michael Drummer is the ethereal Indian paleface who pummels his drums at every show as if we're in the midst of a 17th Century incarnational ritual. In Steffen Kahles, who hails from the world of film music, he has found the musical partner he needed to enrich the tribal kraut beat with diverse motifs and bold sounds. On the third Camera album "Phantom of Liberty", we hear the clever use of playful sounds such as synths that beam us back into the Commodore 64 computer games of 1984; or slightly cranky keyboard pads, as if created by deliberately manipulating the speed of an old tape machine. With "Phantom of Liberty" Camera show that they have become more mature and complex without losing any of their tremendous energy.

Available on CD, LP and two Limited Edition LP's: Yellow or Blue (limited to 300 copies each, yellow sold out already) – CD is included in all vinyl editions.

Releasedate: August 5th, 2016

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: Blue Vinyl, CD, Vinyl, Yellow Vinyl