BMX Bandits – Dreamers On The Run

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Produktnummer: TR513-LP
Erscheinungsdatum: 26.04.2024
A1) Dreamers On The Run
A2) Setting Sun
A3) Time To Get Away
A4) What He Set Out To Be
A5) Cockerel’s Waiting
B1) My Name Is Duglas (Don’t Listen To What They Say)
B2) Home Before Dark – In The Industrial Zone
B3) Hop Skip Jump (For Your Love)
B4) The World Was Round
B5) The Things We Threw Away
B6) Digital Dreamers

Tracklist Bonus 7"
A1) Setting Sun (Single Version with Intro)
A2) Your Class (Even More Dreams Version)
B1) Home Before Dark (Even More Dreams Version)
B2) Come Dance With Me
Produktinformationen "BMX Bandits – Dreamers On The Run"
The BMX Bandits have been releasing great and uncompromising albums on an irregular basis for decades and with their twelfth album "Dreamers on the Run" the indie pop icons have recorded something quiet brilliant - as if Duglas Stewart and his right-hand man Andrew Pattie built themselves a Brill Building in Scotland to write, arranged and produced the 11 songs here. The result is ultra-aromatic POP and shows that they belong to the illustrious circle of great pop outsiders such as Jonathan Richman, Martin Newell or Curt Boettcher and also that being an outsider can be a great thing. Sometimes they have the best songs!

The limited LP comes with a bonus 7" in a gatefold sleeve, hand numbered and limited to 500 copies!