Bill Pritchard – Sings Poems By Patrick Woodcock

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Produktnummer: TR532-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 05.05.2023
1) The Lowering
2) Private Bar
3) Lance
4) Art In G Sharp
5) Floe 6) Wind
7) Electric Typewriter
8) Grave Men
9) Little Ones
10) Tell
11) Balcony
Produktinformationen "Bill Pritchard – Sings Poems By Patrick Woodcock"
He has been described as the “JD Salinger of Pop” (“Rock And Folk”) and Q Magazine welcomed his come-back album “A Trip To The Coast” (2014 / Tapete Records) as “a welcome return for a long lost treasure”, Francoise Hardy provided backing vocals for his 80s Hit “Tommy & Co”, his albums were produced by people like Ian Broudie and Etienne Daho and recently he was invited as a special guest by Pete Doherty to open his Liverpool show. In a nutshell, since the early 80's, Bill Pritchard has shown that he is at the top of his game. Now comes Bill Pritchard ‘Sings Poems by Patrick Woodcock’ – a new and exciting venture, a collaboration with the acclaimed Canadian poet Patrick Woodcock.