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Produktnummer: BB217-Vinyl
Erscheinungsdatum: 29.01.2016

1 Yarabbim (11:48
2 TD-Mem (8:33)
3 Gamabol (11:40)
4 Where (5:24)
5 Sequencer Roll (2:25)

Produktinformationen "Baumann/Koek"

Baumann/Koek is another hitherto undiscovered treasure of German electronic music, the only album by the electronic music pairing of Wolfgang (not Peter!) Baumann and Ata Koek, both from Kempten, Bavaria. It was mixed in Conny Plank's studio and distributed, without a label, by the duo themselves in 1978. The music owes much to the Berlin School: layered sequencer patterns, swirling chord tapestries, a computer beat here and there.

Release: January 29th, 2016

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl