Bart Davenport – Episodes

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Produktnummer: TR504-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 25.03.2022

1) It's You
2) Holograms
3) Alice Arrives
4) Easy Listeners
5) Billionaires
6) All Dressed In Rain
7) Naked Man
8) Strange Animal
9) Wireless Moon
10) 99 Forever
11) Creatures In Love
12) Still Life
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Davenport’s evocative, new material provides both an escape from and an unusual commentary on turbulent times. From digital antagonists in ‘Holograms’ to waltzing oligarchs in ‘Billionaires’ to an enigmatic nudist in ‘Naked Man’, many offbeat characters populate the funny little world within Davenport’s verses. His vocals are distinctively smooth at times, while at others, a slightly cheeky, more dramatic baritone takes over. His patented happy/sad sensibility remains along with the occasional jazz chord.

While ‘Episodes’ features Davenport on multiple instruments, he did not go it alone. Several guest musicians were crucial to the production. Drummer Graeme Gibson’s casual feel graces several tracks, notably the Kinksy ‘It’s You’. The samba-tinged ’Easy Listeners’ has that tropical flavor Davenport’s been known to dabble in, this time aided by impeccable percussionist Andres Renteria (Jose Gonzales, Rodrigo Amarante). Meanwhile, the Turkish Psych-inspired ‘Strange Animal’ showcases futuristic organ riffing by Aaron M. Olson (L.A. Takedown), who produced Davenport’s previous album (‘Blue Motel’ by Bart & The Bedazzled). Other longtime bandmates, Jessica Espeleta (bass) and Wayne Faler (lead guitar), both make appearances. Perhaps the standout track of the album is its quietest; the Brit-folk-styled ‘Alice Arrives’. Davenport’s autumnal vocal and guitar are adeptly accompanied by Dina Maccabee’s original string arrangement, which morphs from earnest baroque to playful modern and back again. This along with the heavier, orchestral sound of ‘Billionaires’ adds a touch of hi-fi to an otherwise homemade album.

Release: March 25, 2022

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl