An Introduction To Kristofer Åström

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Produktnummer: TR274-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 25.10.2013


  1. Leaving Song
  2. Conjure Me
  3. The Wild
  4. All Lovers Hell
  5. Twentyseven
  6. Is It Really Over?
  7. One Good Moment
  8. Just A Little Insane
  9. How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me
  10. What I Came Here For
  11. Just Another Lovesong
  12. The Good You Bring
  13. The Old Man's Meadow
  14. Queen Of Sorrow
  15. When Her Eyes Turn Blue
  16. Yeah, Oh That's Nice
  17. Come Summer (Come Standing Outside Your Door)
  18. Strong & Tall
  19. Defender

Limited 2-CD-Version:

  1. Me & The Snakes (Acoustic version)
  2. 8 Long Years
  3. Just Like Me
  4. Walpurgis Night
  5. She Came With A Friend Of Mine
  6. Breaker
  7. Man Of Steel
  8. Cardiac
  9. The Wild
  10. Empty Hands
  11. Gilded
  12. Seamster
  13. Now' Too Late
  14. Maidenhead
  15. What If I can't Love You Enough
  16. Midnight Sun
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Produktinformationen "An Introduction To Kristofer Åström"

Kristofer Åström is Sweden’s most creative, diverse and inspirational singer/songwriter, with a career spanning a decade and a half of rock, pop, punk, folk and country, always with personal, melancholic and interesting stories as the glue that holds his musical matchstick house together. After eight albums and four EPs it’s about time to sum up his first fifteen years in the dirty pond that is the music business. To call it a ”best of” would be to mislead people, as there really are no bad eggs in his back catalogue, so we’ll just call it an Introduction. Enjoy, people!

Release: 25th October 2013

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: 2-CD, CD