A Projection - Framework

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Produktnummer: TR350-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 13.01.2017
1. Hands
2. Dark City
3. Transition
4. Sensible Ends
5. Scattered
6. I’m Not Here
7. No Light
8. Next Time
9. For Another Day
10. Betrayal
11. Hollow Eyes
12. Breach
13. Listen To The Dark
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LP currently sold out. Will be back in may.

On their new album 'Framework', the band spins a dizzy web of dark 80's post-punk, energetic indie rock, and alternative electronic music. Driven by a need to express themselves, the band set out to create an album that captures the true sense of restlessness and isolation in a large city.

Release: January 13, 2017

„Framework is an album of considerable intelligence, and one you will discover subtleties in each time you listen to it. It is darkly beautiful and sounds like daylight will never come but optimism and resilience will. It is the sound of people who know how to survive a long, dark winter.“ God is in the V-Zine

The pulse-quickening intensinty of songs like „Transition“, „Hands“, „Scattered“ and „Betrayel“- moody post-punk with aspirations to stadium rock- that´ll win over you“ Uncut 7/10

„Absolut beeindruckend!“ handwritten-mag.de

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Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl (incl. CD)